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London Launch


Come down to the Old Red Lion Theatre Pub on Friday 3rd May 2024 to watch the Hamburg derby (Kick Off 17:30) and stay for a Q&A session about FORZA SANKT PAULI with author Nick Davidson.

There will be the opportunity to buy signed copies of the book. See you there!

Book Launched!


FORZA SANKT PAULI  has officially launched! Such a lovely evening at FC St. Pauli-Museum!Many thanks to everyone at the Museum for staffing and hosting the event and an equally big 'thank you' to everyone who came along and had to listen to me babbling on incoherently for 45-minutes.


Book Launch at the Museum


FORZA SANKT PAULI  will be officially launched at the 1910 e.V. Museum in the Millerntor Stadion on Friday 22 March 2024. There will be a Q&A session with Nick, the opportunity to purchase signed copies of the book and – of course – the bar will be open!

A4 book launch poster FINAL.jpg

Amazon/Kindle Book Leak


With my regular publisher, Randall Northam of Sportsbooks Ltd., retiring I was faced with a choice: Either find and sign up with another publisher, or seize the means of production and publish this book myself.


I chose the latter option – a road paved with rookie errors and situated on steep learning curve. I – mistakenly – thought I would have more control over how my book was priced, distributed and controlled.


Ultimately, I do have a degree of control: of how many books *I*  want printed; how *I* price and distribute them. But to have FORZA SANKT PAULI available electronically, on Kindle, I had to do a deal with the devil – Amazon. Ultimately, it is a completely one-sided arrangement. They call the shots, charging pretty much what they want and releasing the book a month early.


And, because I’m an independent publisher with no prior sales history, the availability of the Kindle version also went hand-in-hand with a print-on-demand version of the book. Both are now available on their website. It is super-frustrating as Amazon have completely stolen my thunder. The book is available earlier than anticipated and even their print version is being sold for less than the one you can buy from this website.


Of course, I would prefer you to buy direct from me, avoiding the tax-savvy, corporate behemoth but I also completely understand if you choose to buy the cheapest available version.


Finally, a note on the QR codes: These will not go live until the official launch date of 22.03.24, so if you do grab an early copy – hang on until then when you will be able to access photographs and media linked to each chapter.


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